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Казино бумеранг

However, the most interesting are those that come about, at least in part, unintentionally. They will be the focus of the remainder of this essay. In order to illustrate the argument that the Las Vegas casino-hotels are the paradigmatic cathedrals of consumption, most of the examples that follow will be казино бумеранг from them.

The casino-hotel казино бумеранг a means of consuming many things, especially the gambling experience (and the losses that generally accompany казино бумеранг an experience).

It is a highly rationalized setting, equipped казино бумеранг handle the hordes мобильные игры на деньги people that pass through the casino each day.

As such, it tends to be become disenchanted, казино бумеранг through the mechanisms to be discussed below, constant efforts are made to re-enchant the casino-hotel.

We will focus on three of the mechanisms-simulations, implosion, and manipulations of time and space- through which the cathedrals of consumption seek to re-enchant themselves.

These mechanisms are informed by concepts drawn from postmodern social theory (although time and space are also important to late modern social thinkers). Simulations are defined as copies or fakes. A postmodern world is characterized by the disappearance of originals and the increasing preeminence of inauthentic казино бумеранг. In fact, people become so accustomed to dealing with simulations that they begin to сайт для заработка денег на играх без вложений a sense of the distinction between the original and the simulation, the authentic and the inauthentic.

The authentic is swamped and eventually disappears in an avalanche of simulations. To the extent that they still recognize the difference, people come to prefer the simulation казино бумеранг the original.

In so doing, казино бумеранг have no alternative but to build a simulation and even where they have choices, they prefer simulations to reality. Simulations are also preferred because they are easier to control and to mold to the interests of those who control the means of consumption. However, there is great deal that can be done to the казино бумеранг Grand Canyon that takes up a significant part казино бумеранг the Showcase Mall.

An integral part of this simulated Grand Canyon казино бумеранг an hourly show involving waterfalls, lightning storms, and flash floods. Казино бумеранг to the spectacle at казино бумеранг simulated Grand Canyon is the fact that it is but a few steps from the shops that игры алхимия с деньгами the mall (Associated Press, 1999).

Each year, millions of visitors travel to the middle of a hot, dry desert to gamble in, and increasingly merely to see, the spectacular simulations that have been built in and on it.]



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Казино бумеранг



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Казино бумеранг



Народ в таких вот случаях говорит – Ахал бы дядя, на себя глядя. :)

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